We aim to develop our Group into a leading dental service provider in Singapore and Asia on the basis of the core philosophy of providing “Accessible and Affordable Dental Service for All”.

We believe in making our services very accessible and amongst the best our patients can find. In line with this vision, we have embarked on an active expansion plan based on organic growth, as well as appropriate joint ventures and/or acquisitions of established healthcare businesses that are reputable in their fields.

Our Future Plans

Expand Into Potential Growth Areas Like General Medicine & Aesthetics

We intend to continue to expand our network of dental clinics in Singapore through internal growth to meet expected demand for dental healthcare services. We will continue to focus on improving the scope of our current dental services, and also explore other healthcare related fields which complement our services. We intend to add new specialist and wellness services to our range of dental services provided being offered and have identified General Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine as the key growth area for the immediate future.

With the advent of modern communications, broadcasting and the Internet, trends and fads are rapidly transmitted worldwide. The attention and focus of the media on beauty, aesthetics and fitness has translated to an increase in demand for cosmetic-related services. We believe the desires of people to improve physical appearances and keep fit will drive our growth in the areas of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. We intend to expand our focus to providing an integrated solution to medical aesthetics where opportunities arise.

For these purposes, we also intend to develop a six-storey multi-disciplinary specialist centre in the heart of Kuala Lumpur to provide all our services in a single location and also offer other value added medical specialist clinics such as rehabilitation, wellness and day surgery facilities. Our NF Medical Centre will be equipped with the latest technology available in the market and we will be able to offer a wide range of and faster access to various healthcare services.

Develop & Enhance Medical Service Delivery Platform

Our clinics are currently strategically located at prominent areas with high human traffic, clear visibility and easy accessibility by both private and public transport. We have a network of franchised clinics to reach out to private and corporate patients in the housing estates, industrial parks, central business district and shopping districts so that they can enjoy the benefit of our dental services at convenient locations in Singapore.

We intend to continue identifying suitable sites to recommend to our interested franchisees and to expand our clinic network in strategic locations for the provision of our services. Our large network of dental clinics provides an important channel for our services.

Expand Into Overseas Markets To Extend Our Geographical Footprint

We believe that there are growth opportunities for our Group overseas and intend to grow our clinic network through acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances as and when such business opportunities arise. We believe that enhanced operational integration and wider market reach offered by selective acquisitions will further strengthen our competitive position.

In our overseas expansion, we intend to focus on building the “NoFrills” service name through establishing state-of-the-art clinics in key cities with a focus on our core competencies in dentistry, family medicine and aesthetic medicine. Currently, we have not identified any such prospective acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances or other overseas expansion initiatives.

Improving The Quality Of Our Services

Our Group focuses on providing dental services that are both personalised and of good quality. This has been an on-going mission since our establishment. Our doctors continuously pursue further education, training and product knowledge, and capitalise on technological advancements to provide comprehensive and enhanced types of services and develop sub-specialities. There is always a constant effort to streamline procedures and medical usage in accordance to the latest scientific and practice guidelines.

At the same time, costs to the patients are carefully controlled so as to maintain affordability with no compromise on the standard of care. We also intend to use information technology to provide better service through more efficient handling of patient data, a more efficient billing process and to streamline our inventory management.

Development Of The First Dental Services -On-Demand App Similar To Uber Concept

We have plans to develop the first Dental-On-Demand system similar to the concept of Uber for dental services. We want to match potential patients who are looking for dental services to clinics nearby them. People are generally more laidback in seeking dental treatments unless very necessary, so we want to make it more convenient for them to visit the dentist for the necessary routine oral hygiene treatments such as cleaning and whitening.

Patients can utilise our online booking system via our app on their smartphone to locate nearby dental clinics within a five-kilometre radius from them. The clinics within a five kilometre radius will be highlighted and patients can click on the icon to expand the services that are being offered by the clinic and the cost of the services. By clicking on the service(s) that they are interested in, patients can then book an appointment slot for the service(s) at a fixed price. A request will be sent out to the particular clinic and if the clinic accepts the booking within 3-5 minutes, a notification will be sent out to the patient who can then make his/her way down to the clinic for treatment. The payment for the service will be charged in advance once the patient click “Book An Appointment”.

In addition, we also have a clinic directory integrated into the app. Patients can scroll through the list of clinics and make an appointment for a particular listed clinic and a particular service at a fixed price in advance. This allows the clinic to secure a customer appointment. Likewise, the payment for the service will be charged in advance.

We will take a percentage of each successful booking from the clinic and clinics will be willing to pay as we will be able to provide them a reliable stream of patients.

Expansion Through Acquisitions, Joint Ventures And/Or Strategic Alliance

In addition to growing organically, we may consider expanding our business through acquisitions, joint ventures or strategic alliances with parties who create synergistic values with our existing business. Through such acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances, we are looking to strengthen our market position, expand our network of dental clinics as well as expand into new businesses complementary to our business.