We also believe that our customised and scalable proprietary dental practice management cloud system, NF MediCloud plays a critical role in ensuring seamless delivery of integrated healthcare solutions to our clients and in our ability to successfully replicate and scale our business worldwide.

Our system, NF MediCloud will serve to streamline our clinic’s healthcare management and administrative functions, such as budgeting, financial reporting, clinic management, supplies and equipment procurement, quality assurance initiatives, billing and collecting accounts receivable, marketing and recruiting, hiring and training support staff, while generating valuable utilisation and medical data to which we have proprietary rights. Through our harnessing of such data, we believe we are able to offer advanced data analytics and risk management capabilities to improve our clients’ understanding and management of their healthcare needs.

NF MediCloud

The dynamic and increasingly complex healthcare market requires an integrated solution to effectively manage the clinic management landscape. NF MediCloud is our customised and scalable proprietary dental practice management cloud system that integrates back-office service operations and electronic medical record platform into a single internet-based solution for clinic practices. Our cloud software offers two core functions:

  1. A medical practice management platform that automates and manages billing and clinical data management for clinic practices
  2. An Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform that automates and manages medical record-related functions for clinic practices

We deliver these services at each critical step in the revenue and clinical cycle workflow through a combination of software, knowledge and work:

  • Software: Our proprietary internet-based practice management and EHR application, is a workflow management tool used in every work step that is required to properly handle billing, collections and medical record management-related functions. This allows the dentists to be connected to the continually updated database of patients as well as clinic records.
  • Knowledge: The cloud system enforces the dentist’s office workflow requirements, and is continually updated with patient’s information and electronic medical records such as X-ray images and so on.

Our dental practice management cloud system is designed to help our clinics achieve faster reimbursement from payers, reduce error rates, increase collections, lower operating costs, improve operational workflow controls and more efficiently manage clinical and billing information.

Our system requires relatively modest initial investment and is highly adaptable to changing health care and technology trends and are designed to generate significant financial benefit for our clinics and franchised clinics.

We believe our innovative cloud-based system represents a significant departure from the traditional model of doctors relying upon on-site or outsourced administrative staff, using stand-alone software that is not internet-based, to run the back-office aspects of the clinic. By continuously improving on the components of our dental practice management cloud system, we drive improvement in the business results of our franchise network and our own clinics. We typically update our centralised internet-based software every six to eight weeks and we regularly improve our back-office service operations with more efficient technology and processes. Additionally, as our database of aggregated health information grows, we are able to use this information to further the strategic position of our company.

The NF MediCloud Platform

NF MediCloud is an easy-to-use cloud-based EHR and dental practice management software solution that allows dentists to document the patient care process on any mobile or desktop device. NF MediCloud expedites the exam/chart, treatment plan and other clinical processes dentists do every day. This fully integrated mobile solution enables dental offices to go paperless by capturing clinical information in a standardised, intuitive manner, streamlining the documentation process, from medical history to insurance claims. NF MediCloud also allows dentists to collaborate with colleagues on treatment plans and share information securely and seamlessly without having to email or fix.